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If you haven’t made it yet as a solo screenwriter,
why not give co-writing a try?


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All great TV shows are written by teams; and since the the dawn of cinema, partnerships have been behind hits such as Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction and every Pixar pic.

networking-event-blur535- have an instant sounding board
- find energy when you don’t have any
- complement any skill weaknesses
- get a different perspective on the story
- no more lonely writing nights
- focus on what you are actually good at
- build a broader marketing network
- share the load in the rewrite
- get free, instant feedback to your writing


The networking night is an informal event, and because screenwriters are naturally shy, we will help you make sure you get to talk to everyone in the room.

During the introduction, Karel Segers will talk about his process as a co-writer on three projects: a screenplay that made the Nicholl Fellowship top 10%, one that  attracted Sam Worthington, and a commissioned 8-part European TV series currently in development.

Alone, the mind can wander.
But if you’re locked into a discussion,
there is a discipline, a commitment to
not quitting until some kind of answer is found.

-Terry Rossio


Finally, to launch The Story Series 2014 - now about to go in its third year – Karel will share a few of the principles that successful screenwriters use every day in the writing of audience-driven, commercial scripts for television and film.

6.30pm: Arrival & Networking
7.00pm: Tips for Networking + Story Series Introduction
7.30pm: Networking & Partnering
9.00pm: End

Entrance fee: $5

Registering for this event will keep you posted on all the news about The Story Series, Australia’s most comprehensive, independent screenwriting course. 

Register before 30 November and receive a free copy of the Writer’s Development Kit, an ebook with tips on how to write a logline, synopsis, step outline and treatment.

16 Dec 2013
6.30pm – 9pm
Harlequin Hotel
152-156 Harris St
Pyrmont NSW 2009
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